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Licensed in Florida and California


  • Dr. John Murphy, MD is a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, California. He is currently licensed to practice medicine in California and Florida.
  • FL State Medical License 2004 - 2018 
  • CA State Medical License 1987 - 2019
  • Attended  University of Miami 
  • Miller School of MedicineMedical School 

Expert Witness Not Guilty Insanity


I, John J. Murphy, MD am currently licensed and practicing as an Adult and as a Child and

Adolescent Psychiatrist. I am currently licensed in both Florida and California. My career in

medicine is not only unique but my success int treating mental illness is unparalleled by

practicing Psychiatrist and Neurologist in America when it comes to diagnosing and treating

mental illness.

Degrees, licenses, and career milestones are meaningless in Medicine as ultimately only patient care outcomes ultimately matter in the end. I believe it must be each physicians goal to achieve a disease free life for the patient. Most doctors treat patients when our focus needs to be on curing patients. 

I will first explain how I am proven to be the very best at diagnosing and treating Psychiatric disorders of cognition in such as diseases as Depression, BiPolar Disorder and Anxiety (PTSD) in the USA. This proof is not based upon the subjective opinion of other doctors but upon the results of patients I diagnosed and treated in hundreds of double blinded placebo controlled studies. Blinded placebo controlled trials are the only definitive way yet known to get truthful, unbiased results. The results displayed in my documented observations of thousands of patients in hundreds of trials are not subjective and tell a story of Psychiatric expertise in diagnosis and treatment of mental illness achieved by no other.

A graduate of The University of Miami School of Medicine in 1984, I initially trained in General

Surgery. During my time in the burn units I came to understand the practice of Psychiatry was

primitive and in need of rapid discovery and understanding. I went on to train in Psychiatry and

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Southern California. Documentation from

my residency and fellowships record me as being the finest Psychiatrist in training in the

memory of any Professor on staff at USC. Thus just 16 months into a four year training program at USC I was awarded 50% ownership of a private Beverly Hills practice for free by the owner, a Full Professor of Psychiatry at USC. Yes one of my instructing professors asked to be my partner not even half way through my training program.

I possessed and continued to possess an insight into the human mind that is still not yet

understood by my esteemed colleagues even today. This has been proven by my ability to do

what no physician or researcher in Psychiatry has ever been able to do. I am the only

Psychiatrist proven to consistently separate a placebo from an efficacious psychotropic

compound in human patients.

Your understanding of my particular expertise is critical to understanding Not Guilty by Insanity and how I will arrive at my conclusion.

As evidenced by thousands of controlled, double blinded, placebo controlled clinical trials

conducted under the observation and guidance of the FDA and multiple regulatory authorities it

may take as many as 10 or 20 such controlled trials and hundreds or thousands of patients to

determine a psychotropic drugs efficacy. And please understand these trials are done by some

of the most gifted doctors in the world.

Generally to prove a psychotropic medication is safe and effective the FDA requires three

successful studies demonstrating separation from placebo on efficacy but not so much on

safety. So anyone might question as why do 10 or 20 studies for well known medications such

as Zoloft (Pfizer) or Prozac (Eli Lilly) if only three positive studies are required by the FDA for

drug approval? Well it was before my time in Psychiatric research but I believe Pfizer conducted about 17 double blinded placebo controlled clinical trial to finally achieve their third required successful efficacy trial for approval. And again, that was with the finest, most respected Psychiatrist in America conducting each trial.

Yet today all evidence clearly indicates Zoloft is an incredibly safe and effective treatment for

properly diagnosed adult patients. This is where my skill is critical in this case. I have been a

primary or sub investigator in what must be about 300 FDA clinical trials testing psychotropic

drugs in human beings. I have proven I have the unique ability to differentiate a drug from

placebo response in a blinded test repeatedly over countless trials and many years. Again, no

other doctor or researcher has been able to demonstrate this ability in blinded clinical trails

overseen by the FDA. I have documented blind results of studies with Wyeth, Pfizer, Eli Lilly,

Lundbeck, Novartis, Otsuka, Bristol Myers and many more.

Possessing this unusual ability to understand how psychotropic drugs alter human behavior I

have often been hired by Big Pharma to teach their scientists how their drugs (Agomelatine for

example) alter a disease in the human brain. To further demonstrate how backward the

specialty of Psychiatry remains, the names of diseases we treat such as Major Depression per

DSM, are symptoms and not the names of actual pathology. Can any doctor or Psychiatrist tell

me what Major Depression is? For that matter can any doctor or psychiatrist tell me what PTSD is? No, the vast majority of “experts” in the field of medicine can only describe symptoms of cognitive brain diseases. They have little actual understanding of the diseases in their area of expertise or how the drugs used to heal those diseases actually work.

In no way do I disrespect my Psychiatric colleagues, social workers, psychiatric nurses etc. I

desperately wish to bring Psychiatry and Mental Illness out of the dark ages and into to world of modern medicine as we have the tools for proper diagnosis and some the best drugs and

treatments in any medical specialty. But society and those who wish to be experts in treating

and healing disorders of cognition need proper, unbiased training based upon proven facts.

Well I understand it, know how to treat it and eventually cure cognitive disorders in most cases. I can also do this for “Major Depression” (whatever that is) and PTSD.

This is evidenced by my unique results in blinded placebo controlled trials. My skills were further perfected during my simultaneous private practice in Beverly Hills, CA where I specialized in treatment resistant cases. I have never lost a patient to suicide or any other medical condition. This is remarkable in that the suicide rate in Major Depression is over 10%. For PTSD it is likely a similar rate though no one is certain.

Perhaps if doctors and Psychiatrist actually understood what these Psychiatric diseases are,

they might actually have a shot at detecting efficacy of psychotropic compounds in FDA double blinded, placebo controlled clinical trials.

But no, Psychiatry and much of medicine in general is still practiced in the dark ages. Doctors

do not have time to study diseases with modern technology and they receive their drug

information from “pharmaceutical drug representatives”. So our health care industry remains a

very costly yet primitive industry.

But I have proven my ability to understand the human mind and how it functions in the normal

and abnormal condition. I have also proven my unique ability to understand how psychotropic

medications may heal the damaged brain.

Training in both surgery and psychiatry, adult and child, over twenty years of one on one

research discovering cures for damaged brains, and a Beverly Hills private practice likely make

me the most able and qualified physician to understand a mentally damaged individual. My ability to diagnose Mental Disorders is unequaled as proven by my

ability to repeatedly conduct successful trials. This would not be possible without the exceptional ability to diagnose and then select the most ideal treatment for that diagnosis.

If that can be done and I did as proven, why can no one else?

I must add, the FDA, and big Pharma valued me for my honesty. I could just as easily kill a

potential blockbuster drug for lack of efficacy as I could get results for approval. My willingness

to kill ineffective drugs definitely cost me income and friends in a few instances. But in medicine we are taught to do no harm and no amount of money would ever permit me to be deceitful in a clinical trial or in testimony about a patient.

Evidence of my attention to detail, a very experience auditor working on behalf of Forest

Laboratories, auditing my results on several studies to be presented to the FDA for new drug

approvals stated how confident she was with the accuracy and honesty of my work. She gave

me a rare perfect audit. Returning another year as there was another new drug application for

the FDA, she conducted an audit on another study.

She and Forrest Laboratories reported to me I was the only PI in their recollection to ever have

two perfect audits.

I also believe I am one of the few investigators to have my efficacy results on one study audited

on two separate occasions by the FDA. A very rare event indeed but this was due to my

spectacular results getting Effexor it’s indication for GAD. There were no findings on or

aberrations on either FDA audit and Effexor was approved.

That was the first verified example of my unique ability to understand, diagnose, and treat a

mental disorder unlike any doctor had done before. From that time forward my spectacular

results have been audited, but never doubted and am used for state expert witness,  private and defense witness.